a container-based framework
to deploy virtual networks featuring NFV, SDN
and traditional routing protocols

About Kathará

From the Greek Καθαρά.
Implementation of the notorious Netkit using Python and Docker. 10 times faster than Netkit and more than 100 times lighter, allows easy configuration and deploy of arbitrary virtual networks featuring SDN, NFV and traditional routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF.

Kathará comes with P4, OpenVSwitch, Quagga, Bind, and more, but can also be extended with your own container images.

Thanks to Docker, the framework has the performances to run in production and our images can emulate most network equipments.

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Kathará is currently being used by students at Roma Tre University to learn and experiment on computer network technologies. All the previous laboratories and tools created for Netkit are compatible with the new framework.

For more information please check the download section.

Download Kathará

You can download Kathará for free from our GitHub page.

The latest release also includes a Graphical User Interface adapted from Netkit Lab Generator that can be executed as an HTML page with limited features, or as a stand-alone software able to interact with Kathará.

Contact us

Feel free to leave us a comment or some feedback! You can find the authors of this software on GitHub, or you can also contact our research group at Roma Tre University.